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20m tripod – working with my Dad


Getting allowances to shoot with drones is getting harder and harder as well as a special insurance is needed. When I heard the biggest drone of the ones showing in the image costs 60.000€ I also don’t feel very confident have it fly 50m above my head. So today it is only our model for a shoot we are doing.

But what I actually wanted to write about is this phenomenal tripod. My Dad came up with this brilliant solution, a steady, strong tripod. The case is attached to the top of a car and you can extend the tripod up t0 20m. Since it is clamped to the car it has a perfect balance, with a water scale you can navigate it 100% vertical. The camera position can still be adapted and turned 360° as well as the settings changed via Wifi. Due to his stability it can hold the Hasselblad camera easily (5 Kg).

IMG_5061 IMG_5064