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street musicians of Berlin


This is not really a new thing but still totally cool in a hip place like Berlin.
Street musicians, people who share their music, talent, passion at 2am on a random Tuesday night on a even more random street. Being thankful for small audiences who donate some change, while chilling outside the bars and expensive clubs with a 1.70€ Kiosk beer. I love how they get to play with different artists everyday, share and combine and create new music that way. I guess it must be really annoying needing to ignore the drunk people or the wannabe Instagram famous kids, taking endless videos and selfies… I see how judgmental and harsh the street audience can be, therefor I really respect those guys who actually turned a lot of my nights into beautiful memories. A place to connect where money is not the access.
 Of course it turned into a real money making job for some, back in New York and Paris my friends actually have to pay tax on their donations Luckily we are not there yet in Berlin.
I admire people who don’t give up on their dreams no matter if they got the right connections or they right beat at the right time. Therefor I decided to help this artist by filming his act in order to get more publicity. Hope you enjoy.
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