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Bread and Butter



Socializing and ’networking‘ at Bread&Butter. Unfortunately since it is sponsored by Zalando and left Barcelona, it has lost his charm. It appears like a small shopping mall with the same giveaways at each stall. Therefor I’m showing only my favorite picture, the empty outdoors after the rain…

Getting your picture done, either by a photo booth, camera on a tripod, ‚hot‘ guy, or by yourself in front of the ‚wall‘ seems to be the new thing and probably only one. The fashion shows lack creativity and models who actually can walk such a long catwalk.

The selection of brands was just desperately poor. And totally outbid by the number of fashion bloggers. The acts probably choose to fill up the place?

At least enjoying Martin Stokes (Journalist @ Berlin loves you ) Valentina Risaliti  (Producer) & Vicky Pietrasik  (Fashion Designer) company 🙂