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Autowäsche Kalender 2016


Ditch_Werkstattromantik_0148_prv Kopie 2


I’m proud to announce that we made it again: calendar number 3 has just been printed!

The official Vernissage takes place in its birth town of Wuppertal on the 10.10.2015!

From year to year our media response is increasing. Again all over Germany, starting from prestigious Newspapers as FAZ, der Süddeutsche, die Zeit, all the way over to Bild Zeitung. The online magazine Vice reported about us as well as 3 national TV Station with a 40min long documentation and interviews. (WDR/N24/RTL)

Our yearly concept: we want the funny, happy and sometimes not typically-pretty men from next door. Provided with well picked undergarments, socks and shoes in front of my favorite old-timers. These cars vary in age from the 40’s till the mid 90’s as well as the birth year of our heros. Sometimes we tell a story, sometimes it is just for compassion.

This is a project which I totally feel passionate about. The amount of fun we have throughout the shootings is incredible. Please check out my other post ‚Behind the scenes – Autowäsche‘ to see more.

Working with a high quality offset Printer as Ley & Wiegand is just a great pleasure and finally gives full credit to the quality of my beloved Hasselblad – medium format camera!
To buy the recent or an older copy please visit:

This project is a collaboration with former creator and designer, Janet Schürmeyer.


Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-05 um 12.42.47

IMG_20151009_211154 IMG_20151009_213306

The last two standing, painting, hanging pictures, lights etc… 3am, before the opening.

IMG-20151011-WA028_edit IMG-20151010-195206 Kopie

The proud mum and best friend right before the opening – Janet & I preparing the champagne for the first visitors.



Some of the motives.

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