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A Mercedes Bus called Sunny June


A long year is coming to and end, many things happened, changed, occurred. I decided to fulfill another dream of mine.
Buying and old Mercedes Bus, turning it into my home and going to explore Europe. (I will write about the trip in my next Post).
I found my dream Bus, a 310 Diesel Mercedes from 1992 first hand and 105 Horsepower. The former owner Karl has never even left Germany with it and drove only 140.000km. People say that these engines can go up to a Million Km. We will see 🙂
The inside was very poorly done, 4 layers of old carpet and an arrangement I did not like. So starting from taking almost everything out expect the closet space which is great. I put blue wood on the floor, decorated all walls with fabrics, like flokati, fur, 70’s inspired patterns and as well as an old Map. Gave a proper lift to the bed to be able to fit tons of space for a fridge, extra water, a HUGE tool box, guest bed, camping chairs, extra bedding, a blow up couch, Surf gear, shoes etc… And an already build white IKEA closet which can be accessed from the outside through the backdoors. I redid the kitchen to have it a bit more luxury as far one can have that in a 7m long and 2m wide space. Build a new couch and table which are multifunctional and can be moved around easily. My mum saw covers for the front seats as well as curtains and added some carpet in the cockpit. With my friend Viola, with who I’m sharing this trip and bus and her parents we painted the car all pink and added white flowers. This was basically done in two weekends (since it was so cold and we did not have a proper garage the paint needed 5 days to dry instead 2).
But we were on a schedule! Since there were only 4 weeks till my birthday and therefor the departure date. In order to have enough energy I decided to put 200W solar on the roof and changed the second batterie for an 220A one, which I’m very happy about now! My dad as well as my boy helped me with the electricity, to set up more lights and power outlets. And there it is … Definitely work in progress but I can already call it my tiny beautiful home, SunnyJune.
The waw version:
IMG_5452 IMG_5457 IMG_5462
Let’s hurry up and bring this beauty home as quick as possible :IMG_5646IMG_0188
throwing everything out – why are there so many screws in everything nearly everywhere?? :
IMG_5672_1IMG_5673_1 IMG_5705_1 IMG_5707_1 IMG_5709_1 IMG_5710_1 IMG_5711_1 IMG_5712_1
unexpected surprises:
IMG_5713_1 IMG_5721_1
the floor, the walls, and the float everywhere… :
IMG_5722_1 IMG_5806_1IMG_0310IMG_0316    IMG_5823_1 IMG_5808_1IMG_5943_1 IMG_5944_1  IMG_5958_1 IMG_5977_1
 The paint is happing in between:
  IMG_5843_1 IMG_0386IMG_0352IMG_5741_1 IMG_5738_1IMG_5873_1
When the electricity becomes a problem and we finally start with the solarIMG_0440 IMG_0475 IMG_0482 :
IMG_5876_1 IMG_5879_1 IMG_5884_1
Building the closet and bed:
IMG_5896_1 IMG_5898_1 IMG_0399IMG_5955_1
My baby dog shadow is finally with us on board:
Let’s go: