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3 moins á Paris

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Paris –

I do have to admit that I miss the good aspects of studying. It can be tough not having a teacher who inspires you and who can point out your mistakes to learn from. Or having no students to compare notes with and to discuss work.

I learned how to communicate with books, paintings and photographs. While they don’t speak to me physically, I am still able to watch, read, and learn volumes from there. The exchange could delve deeper as in my studies, I would not be interrupted by the moods of others, or a subjective or jealous thought.

So for three months I had the all access, no queuing, ‚best friend‘ pass for the Lourve and the Library of the Centre of Pombidou, while actually not having any friends.


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Behind the scene: enjoying and taking the advantage of my dad’s visit.

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Shopping with the best eye for fashion, my mum, in search of a very particular styling for an upcoming shoot. I’m actually wearing my mum’s handmade jersey from her youth.


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Three expensive months, but I’m happy to have called that my city home.